Relatively simple, straightforward projects can be as little as $6,000, whereas longer term, more complicated projects can exceed $50,000. The majority of our proposals come right in the middle of these two extremes. We do not have fixed-price bundles and normally avoid using models. We need to clarify your specific case before we can provide you with an estimation. This usually necessitates a short discussion of the project’s objectives, schedule, budget, scale, and other matters. We are rarely the most costly, but we are not rarely the least expensive. If you’re looking for the cheapest choice or don’t care about consistency, TEDOM MARKETING LEADERS is not for you.

We will support almost any legal company or non-profit organization. Many of our customers are in the three market categories Service and Accommodation, Retail Products and Food. However, we do not have the perfect fit in those markets or cases. We would be glad to address the case with confidence and tell you directly whether we think your company suits or not.

We should be able to assist as long as the owner is serious and takes the long view. It takes time to transition from “living IN the industry” to “working ON the business,” usually at least a year, but often much longer. For more details, please visit our management consulting website. Alternatively, send us a message.

We will help with anything from manufacturing options to supply chain and packaging choices, competitor analysis, go-to-market planning, and management and logistics consultancy. Please email us in confidence to clarify your case.

Everything we do is tailored to the specific needs of each client. We can work with your budget as long as it is reasonable. Our priority is to provide clients with HIGH VALUE, not low prices. It’s worth noting that we now provide business coaching to startups and early-stage companies.

Having established that the requirements are in line with TEDOM MARKETING LEADERS, we will give you a reciprocal disclosure agreement. Such an agreement is not possible. This Resolution shall shield all sides from classified information being divulged. And our basic agreement offers enough coverage in much of the situations if you are a Customer of TEDOM MARKETING Leaders.

Most of our customers rely on strict confidentiality, so we cannot share knowledge about them outside of their business and have a broad overview of the kind of services we provide.

YES. We partner with NGOs, including counties and towns. Though we are well-adapted to our talents and abilities, we will happily work for any legitimate business. Indeed, some of our biggest and most nuanced commitments have been with NGOs.

 We never simply jump into implementation work without first gaining a solid understanding of your particular business and goals. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation in confidence.

I’m beginning a company and need assistance designing a business model, studying the market, and creating a strategy. I have a very small budget. Can you work for free in return for stock?

TEDOM MARKETING LEADERS is not a broker or private equity company, and we should not serve as a strategic intermediary. Having said that, we will assist you with the quest for financing in a variety of areas, including market analysis, the creation of a marketing strategy, the creation of a business presentation, and the preparing and review of supporting materials. We may make introductions to eligible funding sources in some situations. This type of job is purely fee-for-services, with no certainty that a contract can be done. We also collaborate closely with other financial services companies who specialize in enterprise valuations and investor introductions (small business investment banking).

We are able to go beyond and beyond with our customers, but most projects cannot be completed in such a brief period of time. Also “straightforward” business strategy, marketing plan, and market analysis programs usually take at least 3 to 4 weeks. More involved projects can necessitate several months (or longer) to ensure the high degree of quality and accuracy required for success.

Probably. We deal with clients in this situation on a regular basis. You will be responsible for doing the “hard lifting” of market analysis (which can be time consuming), while we will serve as facilitators and company advisors. This plays to our strengths while keeping the costs to a low. Usually, the process takes several months, but the end result is a very solid business strategy.

We’ve discovered that many inventors just want someone to “market their invention” for them without asking any questions. We don’t act that way because it normally ends in disappointment. We will assist you in developing a solid go-to-market plan before assisting you in commercializing your technology product or service. If you already have a good go-to-market strategy in place, backed up by actual market data and analysis, we will move rapidly into the implementation process.

We will do additional market analysis as well as due diligence on the company itself. We’re very good at figuring out “where the bones are hidden.” Please email us for a confidential discussion.


Contact us at the TEDOM MARKETING LEADERS office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.